The studio features a wide range of Gratz Pilates apparatus, providing clients with a high-quality experience.

Classes We Offer


New to Pilates? The Pilates Room offers new clients two ways to start Pilates.

We highly recommend you start with Private sessions as this is the best way to address your specific problems and goals in an individual and focussed way. Ten private sessions will provide you with a solid foundation enabling you to either continue with one-on-one tuition or have the option of joining one of the mat classes.

For clients who wish to work on the mat only, the Beginner mat class is periodically offered. In the Beginner mat class you will learn the fundamental principles of the Pilates’ method and the basic mat repertoire as part of a group. As the class progresses we will also introduce the use of ‘soft apparatus’ such as magic circle, bands, balls, arcs etc to increase your awareness and strength, progress your workout level, and to add variety.

Check out the Schedule/Rates for details of the current Beginner classes


A Private session is a one-on-one lesson on either the apparatus or the mat. New clients usually begin with a series of 5-10 Private sessions. These initial sessions provide a focused opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the Pilates method, address your individual needs and goals, and lay down the foundation for future Pilates work. This is particularly beneficial for new clients who have old injuries or need to address rehabilitation needs.

For the client who has previous exposure to Pilates, Private sessions allow your teacher to develop a customized system of exercises to address your specific and individual needs and goals while being cognisant of existing or previous injuries.

For the elite sportsman or more advanced client, one-on-one instruction will help to improve the quality and precision with which you work. Your teacher will be able to address rehabilitation from injury, work specific issues and add new exercises to improve strength, co-ordination, flexibility and breath control to suit your selected sport.

  • Private sessions are R480 per session
  • Private sessions are 55 minutes in duration and must be booked with your teacher

In a Duet session 2 clients work together with one instructor, either on the apparatus or the mat.  Clients learn to work more independently, learn to set up their apparatus and are generally expected to have a higher level of awareness of their body and its strengths or limitations.

It is advisable that clients have similar goals and needs. This is a great way for friends and couples to work out together.

  • Duet – R285 per person per session
  • Duet sessions are 55 minutes in duration and must be booked with your teacher
Group Apparatus

Apparatus classes are more intensive than mat classes and can be lively and motivating with the right mix of clients. Classes are conducted on either the Wall Towers, Reformers or Wunda chairs.

It is advisable that clients have similar goals and needs when participating in Apparatus classes and that you are able to commit to fellow participants by attending regularly.

If you have previous Pilates experience this option is available immediately, depending on availability.

Beginner clients can add or transition to an Apparatus class when they have a basic understanding of the names of the exercises, how to perform them and the order in which they are performed. Your teacher will advise you if you are ready to make the transition.

Consider a mix of classes and private sessions. In this way you can continue to focus on your personal goals. When Apparatus classes are done in combination with a private session, you will see visible and lasting results.

  • Apparatus Class– R245 per person per session
  • Apparatus Classes are 55 minutes in duration and must be booked with your teacher
Mat Class

Our Mat classes are limited to a maximum of 9 people to ensure you receive individual attention. Classes are conducted on a proper Pilates mat that provides sufficient padding for your spine as well as straps and handles that assist with certain exercises. This special mat provides a completely different experience to working out on a Yoga-type mat and ensures you get the maximum out of every exercise while protecting your body.

We periodically use ‘soft apparatus’ such as magic circle, bands, balls, arcs, weights etc to increase your awareness and strength, progress your workout level, and to add new challenges and variety. The more advanced classes work at pace and will get you sweating in no time.

Mat classes are provided at different levels of ability. Your teacher will advise which is the best level or class for your needs. You will learn the full Classical Mat repertoire, enabling you to practice at home or take your Pilates with you on your travels.

  • Mat Class– R160 per person per session
  • Mat Classe are 55 minutes in duration and must be booked with your teacher

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