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Shari de Nobrega

Shari started ballet at a very young age and this led to a life-long passion for sport, human movement and physical health. As a youngster she participated and excelled in various dance disciplines as well as gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, synchronised swimming and a host of other sporting interests.

Shari has been both a student and a teacher of Pilates since 2000 and is a 3rd-Generation teacher who studied and certified in The Pilates Method (New York) and now owns and runs The Pilates Room studio in Kyalami.

She has also studied through Body Control Pilates (UK) and has attended numerous Pilates workshops and seminars all over the world with renowned teachers including Jay Grimes and Kathy Ross-Nash amongst others.  She continues to expand her knowledge by attending workshops and seminars in anatomy, sport specific movement and other subjects related to human movement.

Utilising the knowledge and the experience she gained over the years she co-wrote a South African teacher training program for The Pilates Method and SETA accreditation. Shari is also certified to train Pilates teachers.

Justine Johnson

Justine is a registered Biokineticist and has a Bachelor of Science in Human Movement as well as a Bachelor of Science Honours in Biokinetics. She has a special interest in Hydrotherapy, having completed various courses in Hydrotherapy techniques. She has also completed her Pilates training in the Classical Pilates Method (New York) and is a certified 3rd Generation teacher.

Justine uses the Pilates principles and exercises in all her work, whether rehabilitation or body fitness and strengthening. In 2011 she completed the Muscle Activation courses as presented by Douglas Heel and finds combining principles and using the understanding she has gained from different angles of the same field, achieves the best, most effective results for the wellness of the patients and clients that see her for treatment.

Marcelle Duigan

Marcelle was introduced to ballet and dance at the age of 6, igniting her passion for human movement and dance.  This passion for ballet, contemporary dance and jazz continued throughout her school career where she was also an avid sports scholar.

Marcelle went on to study and dance for the University of Cape Town Ballet School where she was awarded her Diploma in Ballet and her Royal Academy of Dance Teaching Certificate.  She continued to teach the RAD method of ballet in the Western Cape, London School of Dance and at the University of Aberystwyth, Wales.

In the course of her dancing and teaching career, Marcelle realized how easily the systems of the body become imbalanced and for the body to default into ‘cheat patterns’, resulting in ill-health, injury or limiting the body to reach its full movement potential.

This led to Marcelle’s journey into the study of Pilates.  She started her training with Body Control Pilates (UK) qualifying as a Pilates teacher in London in 2002.  Marcelle then relocated back to South Africa where she opened her first Pilates Studio in Lonehill. The studio later became an Assistant Teacher Training Studio for BCP.

Marcelle continued her studies in Pilates attending conferences and workshops both in London and SA over a number of years. Marcelle went on to complete a second Pilates certification in the Classical Pilates Method (New York), qualifying as a 3rd Generation Teacher (Romana Kryzanowska lineage) and continues to teach the original Classical method as devised by Joseph Pilates.